blogging is the new blabbing


each week i (kind of) tear out my hair over what to write. i ask myself to come up with something relevant, universal to the human condition, or particular to writers. something that imparts meaning or insight into a specific skill having to do with writing or communicating through writing.  i mean, i love to write, so i get excited and nervous and i want to share. like a runner who needs those endorphins; i write for the high of it. i search through my archives hoping to find something important or beautiful or just something/anything that hasn't already been written. i'd like for my pages to act as tiny little accomplishments, providing some kind of informational medium, or at the very least, stand there looking pretty. and as each day passes and my time goes winding out of my grasp, i think how should the blog of a writer/writing coach/copywriter, function? to whom should i direct these words and for what purpose? it can be exhausting inside my head, i can assure you. all kinds of nonsense and curiosity goes folding on top of itself all day long. on more chaotic days i am certain my mind operates similarly to the image over there: messy, colorful, busy, funny, and disorganized. lack of thoughts or ideas is not what i suffer from. to the contrary, i am often challenged with wanting to pour out too much, giving it all away, and hoping that i'll find a way to thread it all back together; despite having unpacked some of what lines my interior world.

if you think about it: we all write, all the time. texting, emailing, messaging, blogging, status updating, etc. we go onto the screen as often as we go into a live conversation. we build little places within which to exchange our thoughts, business, feelings, and the parts of ourselves we can carefully tailor for public view. our words then become the anatomy of our intentions, the vehicle with which we take our message from inception to transfer.

so today, i write this so as to furnish the space in which i have built to talk writing. after all: writing is the new talking....