You’ve got stories. You’ve got poems. You’ve got essays. You’ve even got a blog brewing. You’ve got things to write—you’re a writer!

Maybe it’s that troublemaker inner-critic or memories of your fourth grade teacher who tragically used your book report as an example of what not to do that’s holding you back. Maybe you’re searching for a voice that feels right, or looking for inspiration. Or maybe you’re just feeling rusty and need some guidance on how to get from A-Z.

My work as a writing coach and consultant offers a supportive, customized, productive and inspirational program for the writer in you looking to create more, improve or just feel empowered. Each partnership looks different and can include, but is not limited to: prompts, crafting elements, idea development, project organization, deep craft exploration, writing exercise and constructive feedback.


How it works:

  • First we schedule a 30-min complimentary intake session to clarify writing goals and desired outcomes, you can book here!

  • Most typically we “meet” bi-weekly (3-month minimum) for 60-minute calls where we strategize, clarify and work on editing, this package is $350 per month.

  • I may suggest related assignments, exercises and/or writing prompts.

  • I may offer customized timelines and accountability to keep your projects on track.

  • I offer email support as needed.

  • Al la carte 60-min calls available as needed for $150 per.

  • Tailored to you packages available, let’s discuss! Schedule a call to learn more below.

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