Falling for fall: Join me

When I fall, I fall hard - no matter if we are talking down the stairs or into love. I've always been that way. It's at once some sort of comedy routine and a Greek tragedy (the drama!). And maybe, while this is likely a farfetched entanglement that my mind is doing it's best work to map, I've found that the grayer my hair gets (and it's very gray) the more gray space I notice taking up residency in unexpected areas of my life. So, as you can imagine, discovering that where I was certain there were only edges, lines and certainties, that there are infact expanses of softness and tons of mystery. 

And fall gets me every time. The slight light shift from August to September, how the days creep slowly back into the night, how yellow turns to gold. And, I've got so many stories I want to share with you, so many I'm twisting around the turns of my mind, and, I'm reasonably certain that you have them too. So, here's an idea: let's share them.

Back in July, I gave a talk to a wonderful group at Hipline of all kinds of writers (creative, professional and everything in between) on how to design a sustainable creative practice, and it was an incredible experience. Once I settled into standing in front of the group with my powerpoint presentation, some serious flow took over, and it got me thinking - and, let's be clear, sometimes when I do lots of thinking some wild ideas come to mind. But this time, what came forward was a supportive, productive, inspiring and writing workshop to unlock your inner writer, and it's happening soon, and you can sign up here.

Curious if this is for you?

Maybe you moonlight as a storyteller, a poet or have been dancing with the idea of penning a memoir but have never really thought of yourself as a writer by day. I see you, and I want to set those powerful, essential and magical stories and words free. I've worked as a writing coach for years with clients whose writing pursuits cover the gamut, empowering your craft, supporting your practice and ultimately helping to activate your innate abilities as a writer. I believe in the power of the narrative, I believe that it connects us, teaches us about one another and it heals us, and so I could never deny helping someone discover theirs.

But you don't have to be a closet poet to benefit from this workshop. 

Do you have some old wounding around writing but have to for professional or personal purposes and bump up against major blocks when you sit down to write, anything? I get in there with you to rebuild confidence and undo old and unsupportive writing patterns.

Ok, so let's say you are a writer and wondering how a writing workshop could support you - well, the one I've designed meets you wherever you are in your practice. If you have an unfinished masterpiece locked away that needs coaxing and some TLC, we address those, creating space for inspiration, flow and feedback. 

If you are looking to define your tone and style as a writer for your business or Social Media, we work to clear the path to your most authentic voice. Our goal is that your ideas meet the page without both the unique sets of blockages you might harbor or the ones we all tend to face.

Just wanting to develop your writing practice? This is also for you. 

This workshop is a dedicated space for your writing. We work on practice, craft, consistency, productivity, while also creating space to create. I believe in fostering confidence and empowerment. There will be weekly feedback and one hour one on one with me to be used over the course of the workshop included in the cost of the workshop for editing and/or coaching (specific times TBD). 

You can go to the link here or read more below for all the details. And please, If you know of anyone that you think might be interested, please share this newsletter or the link. Spaces are limited, this is an intimate workshop setting at Flight Design Studio in East Oakland - a beautiful and creative space that generates tons of inspiration! There is secured parking included and easy freeway access.


Unlock Your Inner Writer

An intimate workshop for writers (yep, you).
Who: All of us. Whether you are a seasoned pro or looking to develop your unique practice, style, and tone - this workshop is for you. Designed to create space for creativity, inspiration, productivity and empowerment, this workshop is both guided by me and self-guided by you. Each session is built to get the most of our time together, touching on craft, practice, pain-points, fostering community amongst the group and putting our pens to paper (or fingers to keyboard, depending on how you like to get down).

Why: Well, we all write these days; emails, posts, profiles, poems and tomes and often we need support (but aren’t sure how to get it) in our personal, professional and creative endeavors.

Where: Flight Design Studio, an inspiring space that sparks creativity in East Oakland. Complete with easy freeway access and secured parking.

When: Thursdays from 1pm-3pm beginning 10/4-11/8

What you need: A pen, some paper or journal, a laptop, an open mind, and your water bottle - that’s all.

What you get:

  • A dedicated space to create and write.

  • Time to share, explore and feel inspired.

  • A safe, supportive, productive and facilitated workshop environment where your work (if desired) can be shared and developed within the workshop community.

  • Weekly feedback.

  • Attention to voice, style, tone, creative practice, craft development, empowerment, and confidence.

  • 2-hours of workshop time for 6-weeks.

  • 1 hour of coaching or editing time with me over the course of the workshop, times and details TBD.

Cost: $295


  • I am offering one sliding scale spot; please feel free to send me a note about yourself or share this with someone who you believe this workshop could benefit. The person who takes this space will be kept confidential.

  • If there is anything you’d like to ask me about this workshop, please do not hesitate to reach out via ali@alilawrence.com