Bear Tales is a custom storytelling service that takes the unique kaleidoscope of your baby's birth story — complete with companion images - and creates an heirloom-quality keepsake book for your family. Poetic, vibrant, emotional and triumphant, Bear Tales maps the constellation of this extraordinary time, from pregnancy to birth. 


You’ve brought a baby into the world! It was wild, it was terrifying, it was perfect or maybe it was a tidal wave of imperfection. A beautiful time full of complexity and nuance, at once exhausting, overwhelming, messy and full of moments so huge it’s hard to imagine how to possibly pull it all back in, to somehow remember it all. 

Each Bear Tale follows their own exceptional terrain. For some the path begins to pivot at the pregnancy; those nine months of preparations, adventures in fertility, symptoms, hormones, sweet times and tough days. And for some, in the changing landscape of your family when baby comes home, lives the story.

But whether it went down in a hospital, your bath tub, an adoption or the backseat of a car, I see my role in this process as your translator. I find the language, tone and personality of your tale as you experienced it and put it into a gorgeous, familiar, meaningful and carefully crafted collection of words to embrace the luminous beauty, incredible accomplishment, exquisite pain and tremendous joy of bringing a baby into this world.

To get a little taste of the nature of a Bear Tale, please check out these PDFs herehere and here and here and here.


How it works:

  • First we'll schedule a 1-2 hour call for us to meet and go over your BT questionnaire together. Think of the questions like an interview. I'll send over the questionnaire a few days prior to our call so you can have a little time to think about your answers and any general questions about the process to determine what you are hoping to get from your Bear Tale.
  • After our call you can continue to add to your answers, everything will live in our google drive file.
  • Your Bear Tale’s first draft will be done in two weeks from our call and you'll have a week to respond via email or on the doc with your edits.
  • Once I’ve received your edits there will be an opportunity for one more round of revisions if needed.
  • Once your notes are applied, you’ll sign off on the final draft, send me your corresponding .jpegs or .pngs and off to the printer your Bear Tale will go!

Your complete Bear Tale includes one hardcover 12" x 12" photo/story book and a downloadable PDF.

* more copies of your Bear Tale available at an additional cost.